Our Story

 How we started: 

Twins of Southgate was opened in January of 1981.  Don and Ron started together (they are twin brothers!) with one big leap of faith. For those that are old enough to remember the economy was pretty bad back then. People were out of work and just couldn't afford to buy new products (sound familiar). We didn't even know there was a recession, we always have customers bring their cars in and we fixed them. Donnie worked on the bodies and Ron worked on the interiors and vinyl tops. The original owner never thought that we would be in business 5 years let alone 30 years with 2 locations. God has been good to us although it’s been rough at times, it has been rewarding. We would like the opportunity to say Thank You to all of our good Customers and Welcome to all the new ones yet to come. 


Our Mission 

Here at Southgate Twins we like to try and keep your vehicle looking good on the inside, especially the seating area. We have a large inventory of factory body cloths, vinyl's and leathers to repair your seats to look as nice as they should. We can repair or replace the foam and repair the frames of the seat itself, because we are a welding shop as well. We also are one of the oldest shops around and still remember how vinyl tops are supposed to be laid as well as convertible tops on the classics and the new vehicles. We don't stop there however we have 3 trained employees: all have been here since very close to the start. They can fix your power windows, wiper motors, seat operations, change your carpet and so much more.